Surrey ~ 2017

Once again, I had a lovely time at this years Surrey International Writers Conference! The magic and energy exceeded (if that’s possible) that of years past by the mere fact that 2017 marked SiWC’s silver anniversary. SiWC is one of the best writers conferences on the planet (in case you haven’t heard) and for twenty five years it’s grown in its popularity and in its professional offerings.

The myriad of workshops and classes this year didn’t disappoint, nor did the talent that presented the various workshops. And the following were only a half of what was presented.

Thank you to ~

Crystal Stranaghan and Greg for breaking down the basics of WordPress!

Nephele Tempest for enlightening us on The Dreaded Synopsis!

Jennifer Browne for introducing me to a Bullet Journal, and for my fabulous ‘vision board’, which is now on my wall!

Elizabeth Boyle for her expertise in the area of Romance, and for the extremely helpful blue pencil session!

Susanna Kearsley for getting us from point A to point B in her transitions class, and for her general awesomeness!

Anne Perry for her session on outlining that was so much more, and for sharing her seasoned wisdom!

Juliet Blackwell’s solutions to a sagging middle (in your story that is), and her sense of humor!

Deb Werksman for her honesty!

Sherry Thomas for her enlightening (and humorous) workshop on the ever important ‘chemistry’ between characters!

Steena Holmes, Elena Aitken, and Angela Ackerman for sharing their Indie Publishing journey, and the courage it took them to get there!

Eileen Cook and Crystal Stranaghan for kicking our writing butts and telling us we need to have a business plan!

And last but not least, to Surrey’s very own ‘Whiskey Chicks’: Elizabeth Boyle, Susanna Kearsley, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Nephele Tempest, for sharing their No Write Way secrets!

In addition, the not to be missed, Michael Slade’s Shock Theatre, a staple of the conference, was totally awesome, with a wonderful cast of authors, not to mention, CC Humphrey’s who played a delightfully mad Renfield!

There is so much to be enjoyed and savored at SiWC, not the least of which is catching up with friends you haven’t seen for a year (or more), key note speakers who inspire, and sometimes bring you to tears, and a volunteer staff and hotel staff that are amazing! This is a conference that leaves you with a renewed passion for the craft of writing, revives the drive, and challenges us as writers to not only set goals, but to go after them in relentless pursuit.

Thank you SiWC! And until next time, Cheers!

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Rose City Romance Writers Spring Fling

Had a great time at RCRW’s Spring Fling Mini Conference this last weekend! Yummy food at McMenamins Kennedy School and a fabulous group of speakers: Farrah Rochon, Amy Liz Talley, Allyson Longueira, and Cecilia Tan. What a treat to have here in our Rose City!


Amy Liz Talley talking about creating authentic characters.


IMG_2700Farrah Rochon giving us the rundown on ‘bad boys’ in her workshop on using psychology to create memorable characters.

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