About Sara Durham

By Mark Montoya Photography


Sara Durham wasn’t born with a set of marketable pipes, so she had to put her rock star career (think Grace Slick or Pink) on hold and pursue a more traditional career in healthcare. She is, however, cursed with an overactive imagination and loves the written word, especially romance fiction with a good dose of mystery, history, suspense, and the supernatural.

When she’s not writing or reading, Sara loves to cook and has been accused of hoarding recipes and cookbooks. Little do they know she cranks up her music dock (when no one is around) and dances around the kitchen while chopping, stirring, sautéing, blending, searing, and whipping. Quad americanos, pizza, red wine, and chocolate are her staples, and she has a secret love of British humor, dark Jamaican rum, and historical romances (yep those bodice rippers).

Sara lives in the Portland, Metropolitan Area with her busy family and Lucy, an independent feline. Ocean beaches, mountain forests, and every other facet of the beautiful Pacific Northwest provide a rich mine of inspiration that feeds her fertile imagination. She has written five novels and a short story, and currently is working on her sixth novel.

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