So you think you know the story of Angels and Demons…

When Angela Sullivan, an ER nurse with a tragic past, receives a cryptic warning from a homeless street prophet, and one of her patients is found dead in the Willamette River, her reality begins to take on inexplicable changes as she’s propelled toward a destiny meted out eons before the age of man.

Camael is one of seven ancient warriors known as ‘The Powers,’ incarnated to earth thousands of years ago to lead, guide, and affect outcomes in battles and wars throughout history. When Camael is summoned to Portland, Oregon to awaken the latent warrior in Angela Sullivan, he finds his very soul is torn as he struggles with his duty to mentor and protect the chosen warrior and the profound attraction he has to her as a woman.

Meanwhile as Angela is plagued by increasing visions, surreal dreams, and physical changes, she begins to question her own sanity. But when a very real demon from Camael’s past, threatens all that Angela holds dear, she is forced to accept her fate and attempt to destroy him before the pivotal governor’s election takes place.


Stella 333x500


A contemporary short story…

When Trina Needham, a socially out of control starlet finds herself incarcerated in L.A.’s Century Correctional Facility, an unexpected friendship blooms between the young woman and an older inmate. Trina is intrigued by the older woman’s stories of Hollywood past and her own tortuous career as a actress.




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